Traditional sheep wool felting is one of the oldest textile techniques, which prevailed until humans eventually learned to weave textiles. Although dozens of new textiles, including synthetics, have emerged through the ages, natural wool felt is especially relevant today as an organic and nature friendly material.

This is a 100% biodegradable and renewable resource, as sheep wool renews itself on the annual basis!

We have chosen designer class Merino wool felt made in Germany. The highest regarded Merino fur sheep wool is typically brought from Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. The highest quality felt made from it is distinguished by a special softness, durability and natural shaded colour. The material is used by world renowned fashion and interior designers.

Natural Merino wool felt is water, soil and flame resistant. It doesn’t crease, stretch or lint and protects precious items from impacts. 

Merino wool felt


  • Small stains can be gently washed with soap and cleaned with a brush under running water;
  • Dry in a natural environment. Don’t dry directly on any source of heat;
  • Do not wash in a washing machine, put in a dryer, or iron;
  • For the maintenance of natural leather elements, use appropriate means as given in FULL GRAIN LEATHER section.