KEEP IT SNUG iPad Case/ Scandinavian Grey/


As soon as you take an iPad into your hand, you can tell you’re holding a quality product. The light and smooth KEEP IT SNUG case will emphasize the low weight and subtle curves of your iPad. Full grain mat surface Crazy Horse leather and natural merino wool felt used as a lining will envelop it snugly yet gently. Magnetic closure and a leather loop for Apple pencil will let you feel confidently as it is closed safely.

With KEEP IT SNUG in your hand or bag, you can walk at a leisurely pace in your own impeccable style.

  • Snug fit design;
  • Full grain distressed leather;
  • Lined with 100% natural merino wool felt to protect from bumps and scratches;
  • Leather loop for Apple pencil;
  • Magnetic fastener for safe and convenient closure. Do not contact your device;
  • An Apple pencil can be stored in a loop or left to charge in a case.
    100% WOOL FELT
    CITYSHEEP products are made of 100% natural, premium quality German Merino wool design felt. Merino sheep are prized for their fine fur and considered to be the highest quality sheep’s wool. Felt made of this material is distinguished by a special softness and durability.
    Natural Merino wool felt is water, soil and flame resistant. It doesn’t crease, stretch or lint and protects things against hits. It is biodegradable and renewable natural resource, as sheep wool grows back in a year!
    Wool felt is one of the oldest man-made textiles, reliving its renaissance these days.

    Crazy Horse is appreciated for its distinctive aging effect, inherent to this type of leather. A threadbare look makes an item even more charming, relating the history of its owner. Out of two identical items put on the table you'll sure tell your own.

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