Wallet case for iPhone/ Vegetable Tanned


Regardless of the quality of plastic, your hands will always sense it’s distant and artificial. Here, we offer you the complete opposite. The full grain semi vegetable tanned leather this case is made from breathes – and you can feel it just by touching it. It breathes in urban haste and breathes out the freedom of the spacious Wild West.

The carefully chosen and naturally infused color case is designed to last many years. It will gently, yet snugly envelop your iPhone, and the subtle pocket can hold a card or a few loose bills. Holding it in your hands, you’ll be certain you’re creating the correct environment around yourself.

  • Full grain semi vegetable tanned leather;
  • Finest quality 100% natural merino wool felt (lining);
  • A pocket on the front designed to fit your card;
  • Two inner pockets for additional cards or banknotes;  
  • Snug fit design.

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